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How To Move A Blog From Blogger To WordPress

I have written a guide on how to move a blog from blogger to WordPress and I know you will enjoy reading.

The purpose of writing this article is to guide interested bloggers who are looking for a way to move their blog hosted in blogger platform to WordPress. Blogger is a free publishing platform owned by Google and was meant for content creators that want to be heard. Google thought it was very necessary to create a tool like this to help publishers post their contents online so that it could be easily accessed by their audience anywhere in the world. If you’re just starting up and you’re looking for a way to create a blog for free, simply read this guide how to create a free blog using

However the free blogging platform blogger is limited in some essential features. Wordpress offers a more advance, customised and free website service as well.

WordPress content management system has both and These two are different but similar publishing platforms. is owned and operated by the company called Automattic. offers free hosting and subdomain. The platform uses WordPress at its core and it has set of paid plans that a user can choose from if you need more customization and features. But on the overall review of, it turns out to be that the platform has a lot of limitations. You can’t install plugins and cannot use a customised theme on You only have access to the themes and plugins that came with your free or paid plan. You cannot also monetize with Google AdSense, a website Monetization program owned by Google. So at the customisation, design and essential features level, personally I wouldn’t recommend using to create a blog. on the other hand, is a self hosted wordpress platform that powers over 39% of the total websites available in the world. is fully customisable and can be used to create all types of website. It gives its users the ability to change themes, install plugins and customize their websites or blog anyhow they like. Techy9ja provide Web design services, you can place your order HERE.

So moving to the main purpose of this article, moving a blogger site to WordPress. Let me reveal a shocking fact about, when I created this blog initially, It was on blogger but I later moved it to WordPress.

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The wordpress platform we will be using for this tutorial is Please note that I’ve taken time to write this article and have as well provided screenshot that will guide you through the whole process.


With the following guidelines I’ll be using below, you will be able to move a blog from blogger to WordPress.


The first thing you have to do is to login to your Blogger dashboard. As you can see from the screenshot below. I only have 3 post on my blogger blog.

My blogger post –

Click on the option button on the top left hand side of your dashboard and then click on settings.

Click on settings –

Scroll down to Manage Blog and click on back up content.

Click on back up content –

Confirm by tapping download.

Tap download –

The backup of your site in .xml file format will be downloaded to your computer or smartphone.

You have successfully downloaded a back up of your Blogger posts. This contains all the posts as well as all the photos you used in your blog post.


Setting up a wordpress blog is pretty easy, you would have to purchase a domain name and hosting from a Web hosting provider. Incase you’re a beginning reading this article, let me try to break down some important things here.

Domain name – This is your blog address, something like,,, etc. Since you’re going for a blog, use a or .com.

Hosting – This is the webspace where your website files is stored. It’s like a partition where all your website database is stored.

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There are a couple of domain registration and hosting company I can recommend on this article. You will checkout their pages and get your domain or hosting or you can skip this step if you already have a domain and hosting.



After purchasing your domain name and hosting. Login to your cpanel account, your Web hosting provider must have sent you the login address as well as the login details to your cpanel which you can use to manage everything on your account. If they did not send this, you can check the hosting section on your account and you’ll find it there. You can also send them a support email or open a live chat support and request for the login details to your cpanel.

The next step is installing wordpress on your website. You can do this in your cpanel account, navigate to softaculous apps installer, select wordpress and choose the location it should be installed on, select protocol either (http or https), create admin username and password and then install it.

Softaculous and apps installer
Click install now –
Fill in your correct details and install –

After installation is successful, you will see a page like in the screenshot below.

Successful wordpress installation page –

To access your homepage, visit To access the admin dashboard, visit, you’ll be automatically logged in login with your admin username/email and then password that you created during the installation.

The next step will be to import .xml your exported from blogger. On your wordpress dashboard, just tap on the option button and scroll down, you’ll see Tools. Under tools, select import.

Click on import –

On the next page, you will see Blogger. Just click on install now.

Clink on install now on blogger option –

After successful installation, click on any of the run importer.

Run importer –

On the next page – select choose file. Then navigate to your location on your phone or computer where the blogger backup xml file was downloaded to and then select the file. Click on upload file and import.

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Select the file –

On the next page, you will be asked to assign an author to the imported blogger post. You can assign the posts to the admin of the blog or you can create a new user. But I would advise you to assign it to the author and then submit. Wait for some seconds to get a confirmation of a successful import.

Assign author and submit –
You have successfully import blogger posts to WordPress –

Congrats on finally moving your blog from blogger to WordPress. The process is simple and with the help of these guides, you can do it in no time.


If you have successfully moved your blog from blogger to WordPress, then you should note the following!!!

Try to check your articles and try as much as possible to set up meta data descriptions and breadcrumbs. Use seo plugins to seo up basic seo for all the imported posts.

Try to edit your blog name on WordPress settings as well as the description of your blog. Add your blog logo as well.

Try to set up necessary pages on your wordpress blog. Pages needed will be contact page, privacy policy, about and disclaimer. Also create categories for your posts.

Design your blog using a good WordPress theme. You can also hire a good Web designer to do that for you.

Set up permalink for your blog. Wordpress and blogger permalink aren’t the same. But I would advise you to leave it at the default wordpress permalink. Your visitors may experience 404 error not found when they click on your blog posts on SERP. This is why I recommend removing sitemaps from search console. And then submitting the new sitemaps again to search console so that it will quickly discover the changes in your blog’s url.

I hope with the detailed information in this article, you would be able to successfully move a blog from blogger to WordPress. Thanks for taking your time to read through this article and I hope you find it useful.

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