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Before I proceed, I would like to reveal some information about Google.

Google is owned by Alphabet Inc. The search engine giant had since evolved to providing more services such as Gmail(Webmail Services), Google Maps, Google Chrome, voice search (Google Assistant), Google Drive(cloud storage), Adsense (Business Advertising for advertisers and publishers), and YouTube (video and music services) etcetera.

According to vault.com, Google business advertising, account for majority of the revenue Google LLC is generating (less than 85% revenue). This is why Google is so serious with their advertisers as well as publishers displaying their ads on their websites as well as on YouTube. They are really strict with accepting new publishers into the ecosystem because they really want the best and quality advertising environment for its advertisers.


The following products and services are offered by Google :

Google Ad Manager – This is an ad exchange service owned and controlled by Google. This service is used by popular ads networks like adsense and ezoic to bid on popular ads inventory for their publishers (those running ads on their webpages. This service was made available in June 2018.

Google Ads – I know most users might have known what Google ads is but for sake of clarity and information, I would briefly talk about this. Google Ads is an advertising platform owned by the search engine giant, Google. This platform is used by potential advertisers to advertise their products and services in form of video ads, banners, native ads and the likes of it. This ads is shown on publishers websites so that visitors can engage the services offered by the advertisers.

Google AdSense – Wow, a unique and one of the best (if not the best) advertising network. Adsense is popular among bloggers. It is a platform that webmasters and bloggers can use to monetize their blogs. Bloggers generate revenues on their blogs on the basis of pay per click (ppc), pay per thousand impression as well as pay per thousand visitors. The adverts are displayed on publishers sites in either in text format(recently discontinued), video format, images or well as other interactive form of adverts.

AdWords Editor – AdWords is a part of Google ads suite and the editor features downloadable application that allow user to work offline and make bulk changes quickly, easily and conveniently.

AdWords Express – AdWords Express is also part of Google Ads suite. AdWords Express is an advertising product that helps customers discover a user business through ads that are shown on Google Search and Google Maps.

Google Alerts – It is a notification service owned and managed by Google. The Google service works by sending emails to registered users when newer search results are found. The email sent is based on the user search term or keyword. Google search engine track down all search terms or keyword each user uses while searching for an article on Google.

Google Analytics – Popular among bloggers, Google Analytics is a website engagement measurement service by Google used to track down the number of visitors on a webpage or app. It shows visits devices, locations, landing and exit pages, bounce rate (average time spent by visitors on a website or blog. It also measure other demographics as well as allow users to keep track of the total visitors they are having on each posts on their website.

Android Cloud To Device Messaging – This notification service is the defunct mobile notification service from Google. The service makes it possible for developers to transmit data from their severs to Google chrome extensions and web applications. This service is replaced by Google Cloud Messaging Service.

Google APIs – Api (Application Programming Interfaces) generally functions as a means of communication to a particular service. So based on this definition, Google Api allows integration and communication of other services to Google services.

Google App Engine – A cloud computing platform which is used for developing and hosting Web applications in Google-managed data centers. Google App Engine service offers the best and efficient automatic scaling for various Web applications as the number of their requests increases.

App Inventor for Android – A web application integrated development environment that allows newbies in computer programming to create applications for both Android and iOS respectively.

Google App Maker – This is a tool by Google which allows developers to build and deploy custom apps on the Web.

Google Apps Script – A Google scripting platform which was created for light weight application development.

Google Arts & Culture – A platform by Google which features videos of artworks, high resolution images as well as cultural artifacts from Google Arts and Culture partners all over the world.

Google Attribution – A monitoring program which includes a set of rules which shows how credit for sales as well as conversions are allocated to what is known as touchpoints.

Google Authenticator – This is an authentication software owned by Google. It is used for integrating two-step verification services for software applications for the main purpose of authenticating users trying to login to various software applications.

Blogger – A free web publishing service owned by Google that allows content creators to share their contents online to their audiences all over the world. The platform is totally free. Content creators won’t have to pay for domain name nor hosting for the blogs. However, content creators can add their already existing domain name to blogger if they intend using custom domain name.

Google Bookmarks – A free online bookmarking service available which is only available to holders of Google accounts.

Google Books – A Google service which searches the full text of magazines as well as books that Google has scanned, converted to text and stored in Google’s digital database.

Google Calendar – A time management as well a automated scheduling calendar service owned by Google.

Google Chart API – Google’s interactive Web based Service that creates a graphical chart from the data a user supplied. This service is now deprecated.

Google Charts – The service offered by Google chart API.

Chrome Web Store – The official store for Google chrome extensions.

Google Classroom – A web service offered by Google and is specifically for schools that aims at creating, distribution/disseminating and grading of assignments and also aid in the sharing of educational files between school teachers and students.

Google Compute Engine – This services allows users to launch virtual machines (VMs). I don’t really know how this works.

Google Contacts – An application based service that stores users contact information like phone numbers, names and email addresses.

Content ID (system) – A digitally based fingerprint system used for identifying and managing copyrighted contents on YouTube. This is to prevent YouTube content creators from copyrighting other creators contents on their YouTube channel.

Google Current – Google current is a TV program organised by Google which commenced in 2005 and ended in 2007.

Google Dashboard – This service allows users to view and also manage their personal data collected about them by Google. It contains full summary view of all google related activities a particular user might have done or enrolled.

Google Data Liberation Front – This is Google’s team of engineers who are responsible for helping Google users move, transfer and manage their data in and out of all google related products.

Google Dataset Search – I know not many people might have heard about this. Google dataset search is actually a search engine made by Google for the purpose of helping researchers locate online data of informations that is available for free.

Google Developers – Yeah, this will be like a normal name for tech geeks and developers but to the layman, it may be new. Google developers is Google’s website for application programming interfaces(APIs), software development tools as well as a store of technical resources developers might find useful.

Google Dictionary – This is an online dictionary owned and managed by Google.

Digital Unlocked – An initiative of Google LLC in direct collaboration with Indian School of Business and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to promote digital awareness as well as help various small scale businesses in India to go digital.

Google Doodle – Oh yea. The first time I saw this logo was during a Christmas holiday. I was like, so Google like fancy stuffs like this, lol. The Google Doodle is a temporary change of the logo on Google’s homepage for the intention of celebrating events like Christmas holidays, new year, achievements as well as notable historical figures of a particular nation.

Google for Education – A Google’s service that provides a kind of independent customizable versions of some Google products by using a domain name (url) provided by the Google customer.

FeedBurner – Yeah. This is common among bloggers or webmasters. FeedBurner is simply a web feed management tool for all Web based content publishers. This includes podcasters and bloggers.

Google Finance – Google finance is hosted on Google. The website contains informations on business and finance.

Google Fit – A health tracking service from Google. It is available for all major mobile operating systems.

Google Flights – Google’s own online flight booking search service which helps or simplifies the purchase of airline tickets via third-party suppliers.

Google Fonts – Google fonts contains a library of over one thousand fonts families, a web directory as well as APIs for using the fonts in Android and CSS.

Google Fusion Tables – A Google Web service used for data management.

Google Gadgets – A web content that can be embedded on a Web page.

Google Get Your Business Online – A program by Google which has the objective of increasing the Web presence of startups and cities by giving free advice on SEO and also by providing free service of helping business owners update their business information on Google.

Gizmo5 – A voice over IP communications network. Sorry, I cannot provide additional information on this.

Gmail – Yes. I don’t think that anyone doesn’t know about what Gmail is. Gmail is a popular and free email service offered by Google.

A Google A Day – An online game created by Google.

Google Digital Garage – A business e-learning platform provided by Google.

Google Docs Editors – A web based office suite provided by Google. They are all google drive services. They include Google forms, Google suites, Google keep, Google drawings, Google slides, Google sheets and Google docs.

Google Drawings – Part of Google drive suite. It is made up of a diagramming software.

Google Family Link – A family parent control service owned by Google. This service gives parents direct access to adjust parameters for their kids web devices.

Google Fiber – Part of access division of Alphabet Inc – the owner of Google LLC

Google Input Tools – An online tool with provides online keyboards for any preferred language in the world.

Google Marketing Platform – Online advertising as well as analytics platform service developed by Google.

Google One – Oh yea. I remember a time I was uploading my files to my Google drive and I nearly exhausted the 15gb free storage allocated to drive(same for all google services). I received a mail from Google one asking me to upgrade to 100gb storage. Google one is a subscription service provided by Google. It offers expanded cloud storage for subscribers.

Google Optimize – A free website optimisation tool by Google.

Google Question Hub – A knowledge based market platform.

Google Groups – A Google service that provides all round discussion groups for individuals sharing common or the same interest.

Google IME – Set of typing tools owned by Google and supports over 20 languages.

Keyword Planner – It helps users make proper keyword planning. It’s part of Google ads suite.

Google Kythe – A kind of source code indexer and cross referencer for code comprehension developed by Google.

Living Stories – A news presenting project owned by Google.

Google Map Maker – A map editing service owned by Google.

Google Maps – A map, gps and navigation service provided by Google. It’s available for both app and Web.

Google mobile services – Proprietary applications and APIs services own by Google. The service is used by manufacturers of android phones as well as other devices and GMS apps normally come as pre-installed in android devices.

Google Moon – A feature that allows exploration of the moon and includes several tours. It’s owned by Google.

Google News – A news aggregator service that provides a continuous flow of links to articles which are organised from thousands of  website publishers who are part of Google news publishing network.

Google Ngram Viewer – An online search engine which has the ability to chart the frequencies of a set of search strings using some parameters.

Google One Pass – No longer available.

Google Opinion Rewards – A program by Google which offers reward for opinion/surveys made by users.

Google Pay – Yeah. I’ve been using this for a while now. If you’re fond of buy things on playstore, this won’t definitely be a new thing to you. Gpay is a digital wallet platform owned by Google which allows users to purchase things on Google play store and some other supported Google pay stores.

Google Person Finder – A service from Google which provides a registry and means of message for people affected by natural disasters.

Google Photos – A photo storage as well as sharing service owned by Google.

Picasa Web Albums – Formerly a photo storage and sharing service. It was replaced by Google photos.

Google TV/Google Play Movies – An online video on demand service offered by Google.

Google Play Pass – An app subscription service owned by Google.

Google Plugin for Eclipse – GPE is a set of tools owned by Google which is used for the designing, building, optimisation and deployment of cloud computing applications by java developers.

Poly (website) – A Google site used for the browsing, distribution and downloading of 3D objects.

Google Preferred – A YouTube program which enables potential advertisers to pay money in other to place their ads on videos that are performing so well on YouTube.

Google Primer – A mobile app owned by Google which is made to teach digital marketing as well as business skills to startups and job seekers using a 5 minute interactive session lectures.

Project Shield – An anti-distributed-denial-of-service(DDoS) provided by a subsidiary of Google called Jigsaw.

Google Public Alerts – Online notification service that is tasked with sending safety alerts.

Google Public Data Explorer – Provides public info and forecasts.

Google Public DNS – A popular DNS service owned by Google.

Reach Planner – Part of Google Ads suite.

Google Safe Browsing – A blocklist service owned by Google. It contains a list of risky sites that contains phishing contents or malwares.

Google Scholar – A web search engine own by Google that indexes the metadata and full text of scholarly related literatures.

Google Search – A search engine owned by Google.

Google Search Console – Google search console is Popular among blogger. Google search service allows webmasters to check information above their website indexing status as well as optimize the visibility of their websites to visitors online.

Google Shopping – Allows users to search for various products online and as well compare the prices of these products together.

Sitemaps – A Google service that allows website owners to submit their sitemaps url to Google to enable Google crawl their Web-pages faster.

Google Sites – Web-page creation tools owned by Google.

Socratic (Google) – An educational tech company which provides students with mobile app.

Stackdriver – A free cloud computing management service owned by Google.

Google Stadia – A cloud gaming service developed by Google.

Google for Startups – Startup program by Google that offers hands-on and lessons for prospective entrepreneurs.

Google Station – not available

Google Store – Online hardware retailer owned by Google.

Google Street View – A technology that provides interactive panoramas from positions available in many streets of the world and is featured in Google maps.

Street View Trusted – A virtual tour service by Google.

Google Surveys – Google business product helps in customizing market research.

Google Takeout – Allows users of Google products to export their data to a downloaded archive file which can be downloaded for reference.

Google Text-to-Speech – Google’s screen reader application available fit Android devices.

Google Translate – A multilingual machine translation service owned by Google.

Google transliteration – Online version of Google IME.

Vevo – Multinational video hosting service.

Google Videos – Part of Google search.

WDYL (search engine) – Not available.

Wear OS – A version of Android OS specifically made for smartwatches.

Google Web Light – Not available.

Google WiFi – Wireless network that was deployed by Google in california.

Google Workspace Marketplace – An online store that features both free and paid applications.

YouTube – An online video sharing and social media platform.

ZygoteBody – A Web application that features the rendering of 3D anatomical models of the total human body. The anatomical models can be manipulated as well.

NoteSome of these services are deprecated and no longer maintained. So you may not be able to use some of these products/services and for some usable ones, you may not be able to receive support.

Thanks for taking your time to read through this article and I hope you find it useful and informative.

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