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How To Drive High Quality Traffic To Your Blog Using Facebook

This article is tagged how to drive high quality traffic to your blog using Facebook.

Facebook is the social media giant that has millions of engagements daily  and you can use it to drive a very huge amount of traffic to your website. However, you must be careful with the use of the ecosystem for traffic purposes. Facebook has lot of policies that you can get in trouble with. Traffic from Facebook is categorized as social media traffic by most Web traffic tracking services like Monstersights and Google Analytics. This is because the traffic is coming from a social media community. I know most bloggers are already driving tons of traffic to their blogs using Facebook. In this article, I will reveal how to get high quality traffic to a website via Facebook.


Before you proceed reading further, you have to confirm if the website address is not blocked on Facebook. You can do this by using Facebook Debug tool. This tool will show you if your website address is blocked or not.

If you get a response like in the screenshot above, just click on the let us know link. Send them a message and tell them about the issue and that they should try and verify the domain name as well as remove the restriction of the url on Facebook. For a more detailed information on how to unblock a website domain name on Facebook, simply read HOW TO UNBLOCK A WEBSITE DOMAIN NAME ON FACEBOOK. I took much time writing this article and giving clear strategy to use if you really want to unblock your website on Facebook.Now I think I should go to the main business of the day which lead to only one question: How can I drive high quality traffic to my website using Facebook?


I normally advise all website owners to create a Facebook page for their website. Let it be your brand. When creating the page, you should use your website name and try all possible ways to be unique. Let’s say your site address is, you can name the page Techy9ja on Facebook. The is important in creating the impression early enough for your potential followers. They will always be aware that this is the page for your website. After creating the page, try to invite your friends to like the page. To grow the page faster, you can run Facebook advert to boost the page likes. It’s pretty easy to do that. Just navigate to your page. Look for boost/promote icon. Check the screenshot below.

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Then click on promote your page.

Promote your page –

You will be redirected to the promote page ads set up. You can then create your audience, select age and locations where the ads will be shown at. You will now get more page likes using this method. This will allow you to grow your page faster. For a more detailed information on Facebook Ads set up and targeting, keep reading till the end.


Yeah, using social media button will make it easier to share your posts to your friends and then to various groups you belong. The case of sharing it to various group you belong has some exceptions. Try to check if the Facebook group you are sharing the link to is in the same or similar niche with your website. This is to ensure that you’re getting quality traffic from interested visitors coming to your blog. Not everyone will tell you this. How can a Facebook group be a sport group and then you share an educational post to the group. The post wouldn’t have a good engagement and may likely attract uninterested visitors to your site that won’t even spend up to 10 seconds on your blog before bouncing off the blog. And we all know that if the level of bounce rate is high, this may impact a webmaster’s earnings if he’s running ads. So the point is, only share your blog posts to only groups that has relevant contents related to what your blog is all about.

Your website or blog theme might come with a default sharing button. If it is not available, simply install jetpack plugin on WordPress and go to settings and activate social media sharing button. You can also use other plugins to add social sharing button to your blog. Just go to WordPress plugin repository and search for share button. You will see tons of plugins that can do that.


It’s still ok to have a group on Facebook as a website owner. The truth is, it is easy to grow a group than a page even without paying for anything. You can ask your friends to invite their friends to join your group. You can also offer incentives for people that invites a certain number of their friends to the group.. Share your website link to the group and see the kind of engagement you’re going to get. Also share the link to the Facebook page to get more visitors as well. Create contents more often to keep them engaged.


If you know a Facebook that has plenty of users and also lots of engagements, you can as well run a sponsored post on the Facebook page. Same thing goes for a Facebook group. You can run the sponsored advert on a highly engaged group as well. You just have to contact the administrator of the group or page and ask how much they charge to run sponsored posts on their page or blog. Just come into an agreement with him then you can go ahead and send the content to the client him to post on his page or group.

This method is really recommended if you’re selling a product or offering a service. This should convert into revenue when people buy through your affiliate link either embedded on your website post or on the sponsored post on the publishers page or group.


Yeah, this is another method to generate leads and traffic to your blog. You have to use something catchy as the post title which will trigger the interest of the reader and he will have no other option that to see the content of such post.


This is how your website post address will appear on social media. You can use major seo plugins to set that up. Plugins like Seo Yoast, Rank Maths and All in one seo can do this. It will make the metadata headline to be catchy. You need to as well set up some catchy metadata headline that will appear when your post is share on social media platforms.


Featured image is the image that will appear alongside your post link when it’s shared online. It’s the first thing users will always look out for. Make sure you always add a featured image to your post. Let it be unique and catchy. You can also add individual pictures in the post body for greater engagement by your readers. The truth is picture attracts the eye more than text. So don’t forget this tip.

And finally


Boosting a post on Facebook means advertising the post to millions of users on Facebook daily. Depending on your daily budget, you can reach as many people as possible. One thing about Facebook ads is that the higher the amount of money you put on ads, the higher the reach or audience.

To boost a post on Facebook. Simply visit your Facebook page and add the post link then add some texts to the post and then publish it. As you publish it, a boost post button will appear under the post. Check the screenshot below.

Click Boost Post.

You will get to the next page. Just select your Goal. What you want to do on the ads you’re about to run. Select Get more website visitors.

On the next page, you will see the option to set up audience name. Firstly, just select audience age by using the slider to set the minimum and maximum age limit. This implies the ages of various audiences that can see your ads. Also add the locations of people that you want to view your ads. You can select Nigeria or USA depending on your targeted audience. In general, you can select via each state or city in a particular country. The post will be shown to people located in that particular location.

Set up audience characteristics. This is briefly what interest Facebook users or their characteristics on Facebook. Just type something in the box and you’ll see some available characteristics. If you know how to target this well, the ads engagements will really be huge. Save and return back to the main menu.

After confirming everything on the ads campaign, simply click on Boost Post Now. The post will be under review to be checked by a Facebook ads agent to see if it meets with Facebook Community Standards. The ads should be approved within 15 minutes – 1 hour 30 minutes if everything goes well. You can now monitor all click, views and engagements made on your site link. Don’t forget to use a budget that will favour your spendings.

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Facebook traffic can help bloggers make cool cash from their blogs especially if they are running ads. Facebook traffic also converts a lot especially if you’re selling a product online. 

So This Is How To Drive High Quality Traffic To Your Blog Using Facebook. Thanks for reading through this article and I hope you find it useful..

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