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How To Activate Two-Factor Authentication(2FA)On Facebook, Telegram, Twitter And Instagram

This article contains information on How To Activate Two-Factor Authentication(2FA)On Facebook, Telegram, Twitter And Instagram.

Two-factor authentication simply refers to an extra layer of security or feature that protects your online accounts from being accessed or hacked. It is usually triggered when an account is being logged in from a new or unknown device, unknown location as well as non-trusted sources.

Two-factor authentication is also called two step verification. The importance of two-factor authentication cannot be understated. It protects and limits the usage of your online accounts on unauthorised devices, unknown locations as well as ip addresses.

In this article, I will provide a guide on how to activate and set up two-step verification on your online social media accounts.


Activating Two-step verification on Facebook account is actually very easy. This will save you from the hassles of having unauthorised access to your Facebook account by unsolicited persons. The issue of Facebook account hack these days is alarming. More than 50+ Facebook accounts are being hacked on daily basis although Facebook has all the modalities in place to stop these hackers but their users are not enlightened on how to keep their account secured. The social media giant has billions of users using their platform for meeting new friends and chatting with friends and families but some entities are just there to spoil the fun.

This post will serve as an eye opener to guarding your facebook account. To activate Two-step verification on Facebook, simply visit

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Click on confirm your account now(if you’re on mobile) or click on Get started( if you’re on desktop browser). You will see 2 options, just select protect your account.

Mobile view –
Pc view –
Protect your account –

On the next page, you are select the method of two-step verification you intend using. You will see options like email verification, phone number verification and authentication app. You need to select your preferred method and follow the onscreen instructions to set it up. After setting up the two-step verification, on any login from a new device or location, you will receive a code to authenticate the login.

There are other way to get a new device verified even though you do not have access to your preferred verification source let’s say your phone number or email. You will have to set up a backup method like Authenticator App, Security Key and Recovery Codes. I advise you to add one of the back up method also.


Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service which is available for various mobile operating systems and computer. Telegram provides end-to-end encrypted messaging, calls and videos calls. It’s one of the most secured messaging application I have come across. It’s even designed in such a way that since it’s a cloud service, you won’t lose your old chats even if you didn’t back it up. You can login your telegram on Android, iPhone and computer device and still get your old messages. Telegram has a secret chat feature which makes it impossible to screenshot such conversation.

To Activate Two-step verification on telegram, simply navigate to Settings.

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Telegram settings –

Scroll down to Security and click on Two-step verification, follow the onscreen instructions and create your two-factor authentication password.

Your telegram account is now safe and secured. If you try to login your telegram account on a new phone, it will request for the two-step verification password, it’s usually 6 digits. You have successfully activated two-step verification on your telegram account.


The two-step verification feature for twitter protect a twitter account from being hacked. It adds another level of security to a twitter making. To activate two -step verification verification on twitter, simply follow the procedures below.

Visit on your computer or visit on your mobile browser.

In the top menu of the settings page, you should either see a navigation menu icon or your twitter profile icon. Just click on whichever icon you have and select security and account access.

Security and account access –

Tap Account, then tap Security.

Click on security –

Tap Two-factor authentication.

Please note that there are three methods of two-step verification you can choose from. Text message, Authentication app, or Security key.

3 methods –
Phone number method –
Authentication app method –

Click get started or start to start the setup process. Just follow the onscreen instructions and complete setting it up.

Note – The security key method cannot be turned on as a standalone two-step verification method, meaning that you have to activate either phone number or authentication app method in other to be able to use the security key method.

You have now successfully set up two-factor authentication for your twitter account.


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Instagram is another big social media platform which has millions of users and has a wide range of engagements. You can keep your Instagram account safe by activating two-step verification on your account. To activate 2FA on Instagram, simply do the following.

Login to your Instagram app. Tap the navigation.

Then tap settings. Then tap Security.

Tap Security –

Tap Two-factor authentication.

2FA –

You’ll see a page like this. Click on Get started.

Get started –

You’ll see only two authentication methods on the next page. You can authenticate using text message(via your phone number) or authentication app.

Available 2FA methods –

Choose your preferred verification method and follow the onscreen instructions to activate. Anytime your Instagram account is logged in from a new device, a verification code will be sent to your preferred verification method. You have successfully activate 2FA for your Instagram account.

Two-Factor authentication is really important especially if you’re running an important business on your social media accounts and you want to fully protect your privacy and account from unauthorised access in case of a compromise on your account. It will add a whole layer of security to your account.

Thanks for taking your time to read through this article and I hope you find it useful and informative. Please if you have any question, don’t forget to use the comment box.

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