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How To Unblock A Website Domain Name On Facebook

This guide contains info on How To Unblock A Website Domain Name On Facebook.

It is no longer news that the giant social media network Facebook is fond of blocking suspicious website url or newly created websites due to spam control system.

This article/guide will be a short guide on how to unblock a web url on Facebook.

Most people normally promote their businesses and products on Facebook due to the fact that the social media giant has lots of engagements and traffic where you can drive massive sales as well as traffic to your website. You can drive sales within a couple of days or traffic in just a matter of minutes using Facebook.

This issue of blocked url on Facebook has really affected business and website owners and thus, creates a negative impact towards their business.


To confirm that a domain name is blocked on Facebook, the recommended tool to use is Facebook debugger tool. This tool is created to detect if a website url is blocked on Facebook.

To access the tool, simply visit and input your website address without www or http/https. If you website url is blocked, you will get a message like in the screenshot below.

Error message –

If the website isn’t blocked, you will see information about the website like in the screenshot below.

Unblocked site –


There are a couple of reasons why Facebook do block website url. These might be due to the following reasons :

Facebook’s Algorithm made a mistake about the website url and did flag it as spam.

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I can remember creating a brand new website for a client in which I personally bought a fresh domain and built the site from scratch. When I was done creating the website, the owner of the website decided to run a paid Facebook ads to promote the website. He then created a post and added the url of the website and some other text and then published it on Facebook. He immediately received a notification saying that the post he made is against community standards and has been removed. In this case, Facebook Algorithm flagged the site as spam and this was clearly a false positive and it was an automated response by Facebook Algorithm.

You may have violated the Facebook Community Standards.

Yeah this could be another reason. If you’re fond of spamming your site link on different Facebook pages or Facebook groups, your url may be blocked by Facebook. This will cause the inability of not being able to post anything that contains your domain name on Facebook.

Your site is infected by malware/virus

This can also be the reason why your site url is blacklisted on Facebook. Sites that has been infected with malwares normally get deactivated or blocked on Facebook. The likes of the redirection virus and phishing malwares may cause Facebook to block your url in other to protect the members of the Facebook Community.

A Facebook user reported your link as spam/inappropriate

If a couple of Facebook Users report the post containing your site link as being inappropriate/spam, the system may automatically flag your site url and block it from being shared on Facebook.

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These are the reasons why a website domain name may be blocked on Facebook. Below is the tested and working method to unblock your website url.



The first method to unblock a website domain name is to use the same Facebook Debugger Tool. After submitting your website to check if you’re actually blocked, and you see the error message “we can’t review this website because its contents doesn’t meet our community standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know“. Note that the ‘let us know” is bold and it contains a link to an appeal/contact form where you can inform Facebook about the issue. You can also include screenshot using this form. Kindly fill the form and submit.

Click here –
Appeal form –

Please note that it make take some time for Facebook to look into the issue and whitelist your website url. You should be very patiently for them to resolve this issue.


The best way to unblock your website url on Facebook is to directly chat with the Facebook concierge team/support team. This is the most surest way to unblocked your website url on Facebook. This method will require you to have an ads account or Facebook page in other to be able to proceed. Follow the below procedures

Visit You will see your ads account and other pages you own on Facebook. Then select an ads account or Facebook page you want to use to contact Facebook.

Select ads account/page –

A form for live chat will open. Input your Facebook phone number as well as email address for a follow back email about the issue you’re telling them about. Also include your message in the “write your issue here” box as in the screenshot above.

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Live chat form –

Then click on start chat to chat with a Facebook Representative. A representative will join you within 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Be polite and formal in the chat. Tell him/her about your issue. Inform him/her that your website url is blocked on Facebook. Tell the representative that he/she should help you unblock it. You would be asked to provide your website url. You may not be able to send the full link since the url is blocked. So simply change the . to dot or space the dot. Example – to mysite .com or mysite(dotcom). The representative would tell you to expect a feedback from them within 48 hours. But it won’t reach that time, it usually take 12-24 hours for Facebook to unblock your website url. You will get a mail from them when this completed.

You can now post your website link on Facebook without any issues or community standard violations. So this is how to unblock a website domain name on Facebook.

Thanks for taking your time to read through this article. If you do have any further questions about this guide, please don’t hesitate to use the comment box.

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