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How To Copy Unselectable Text On All Android Apps

It’s obvious most people do not know how to copy unselectable text on all android apps.

Many android apps are built in such a way that it doesn’t support items to be copied from its interface. This is to prevent users from copyrighting its contents or trying to reproduce the contents displayed on its screen.

In this tutorial, I will be providing a guide on how to copy and paste text from all android apps.

Copying/Selecting text from android apps is made possible by using native android apps that can copy text from apps interface. This is made possible by the copying app displaying over the app to be copied and then making the items displayed on the app to be copied. This technology is really cool. I’ve personally used a couple of apps with this feature but I can only recommend one on this article I have written.

The full tutorial on how to copy unselectable text on android apps in available below.




Yeah, moving to main tutorial, the app I will be recommending is UNIVERSAL COPY.

You can download universal copy on Google play store. The app is free on playstore but there is also a premium version (universal copy plus) that has more features, but the free version is very much okay to copy text from any android apps.

After installation, open the app from your app drawer on your phone.

Toggle the universal copy button to activate it.

Activating universal copy

Scroll down to options and click on more options. Go to advance options and toggle on the let universal Copy run in background option to activate it.

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More options


You will be asked to give the app some permission in other to work efficiently. Just grant the apps all the required permissions.

The next step you are to take is to navigate and open the app your want to copy its item. When you’re on the page you want to copy its text, swipe down to access your phone notifications drawer and you will see the universal notification notification. See below screenshot.



Simply click on it to activate the universal copy to be displayed over the app text to be copied. A screen from universal copy that allows items to be selected will now be displayed over the app.

Screen from universal copy

Just press and hold the text you are to copy and the text will be copied to the Universal Copy text editor.

You can then copy and paste on your phone.

Copy and paste text on your phone

So this how to copy unselectable text from any android application. This method works on all android applications.

Disclaimer – The information available in this post is only meant for educational/tutorial purposes. You will be held responsible if you use this information for any form of illegal practices.


Thanks for taking your time to read through this tutorial. Find this information helpful, don’t hesitate to share. 

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