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Introduction To Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source project specially created for optimized browsing on mobile devices  and designed to loader faster and efficiently.

This article contains a brief overview of what Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is all about and its importance on the web.

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AMP is made up of an html framework and was developed by the AMP open source project. AMP was initially created by Google but now, other companies and individuals have created their own AMP for the web.

The importance of AMP cannot be underestimated as it makes mobile browsing experience fast and easy. AMP are easy to navigate and also responsive to all screen sizes. AMP supports contents like video, animations, graphics and advertisements codes of any kind and all these contents loads instantaneously with the AMP pages. This is made possible by the creation of light web pages from the original web page for the main aim of optimizing browsing speed and content delivery.



This is the number one importance of installing an AMP page on your blog. Reason being that these pages are customized for speed and optimized by AMP javascript with core pages being cached. This cache feature performs in such a way that is similar to a Content Delivery Network (CDN). All contents updated in the main site will automatically be updated on the AMP version of the site.

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Yes, AMP is super compatible on mobile. The search engine giant GOOGLE created AMP to deliver contents to mobile users faster especially on search results on google. AMP supports all mobile devices ranging from button phones, smartphones, phablets as well as tablets. Contents served through Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are always mobile browser friendly. Based on the speed of your website delivered via AMP, you can convert your website mobile browser users into your customers (if you are selling a product) or audience (if you are sharing a content).

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AMP has a much flexible ads support than normal web pages. This being that AMP is easy to navigate unlike a normal web page which contains so many blocks, un-optimized contents like forms, sidebars, header navigation, buttons and other navigational menus. All these elements can influence the loading time of ads displayed on a blog or web page. Unlike the AMP which is easy to navigate and contains less elements, ads will tend to load much faster and more optimized thereby getting more conversions. You can also track the traffic coming through your AMP by using analytics services like Google. You can add the tracking code to the header of your AMP page.


AMP technology have been utilized over the years by many mobile applications companies, shopping malls as well as web services. For instance, opera news feed integration works with AMP pages. Opera deliver news feed contents to readers via AMP technology and also utilize AMP of partner sites to deliver contents to its readers. Most Online shops malls make use of AMP pages to deliver shopping contents to buyers quickly and conveniently.

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No, AMP doesn’t make a site to rank higher on Google. But the truth is, sites which are faster tends to rank higher if content is unique. So AMP indirectly affects SEO in terms of speed of delivering contents in search results. Let’s take for example, an  AMP gets more clicks and fewer bounces because it’s faster to load and at this point, Google determines that the page is much valuable to its readers and the page is likely to get higher placement in search results on google.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is so important in delivering web contents to users in less time and speed than normal web pages. If you are a blogger out there, I advise you to install AMP on your blog so as to deliver contents to your audience faster.

A guide for AMP installation is different for different content management system (CMS) that you are using to create your website. To install AMP on your website, kindly follow the guide provided by your CMS on AMP installation and get it installed in no time.

Thanks for reading this article and I hope you find this article useful.

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