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How To Add Your Website Or Blog To Opera Mini News Feed

This is a detailed guide on how to add your website or blog to Opera Mini news feed.

You are on this page because you are searching online on how to add your blog or website to opera news feed.

Opera news is a service own by Opera which index sites on its directory as sources of news on its news feed pages. It serves as a source at which users engage your post directly from opera news sites. When your blog is accepted into the service, your latest posts will automatically appear on opera news feed for readers to read.


To be accepted into the opera news directory, make sure you fulfill the following important criteria :

Website must be reachable and not offline. It’s always advisable to use a good hosting with less or no monthly downtime. I recommend dreamhost and bluehost to any blogger out there because their web hosting services is of efficient.

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AMP must be installed on a website. AMP which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages is a lite version of your website that will be displayed to mobile users. AMP pages are faster than normal pages. From my own point of view and testing, opera news makes use of accelerated mobile pages in delivering your site contents to its readers.

Opera news doesn’t accept sites with copyright contents. They will reject your application. So make sure your content is original. No form of plagiarism too should be available on your blog.

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Content must not contain sexually explicit terms and vulgar contents as a whole. Content must be suitable for reading by all categories of readers by age.

BONUS – Opera news doesn’t approve sites that use exaggerating headlines. Don’t use fake news headlines and click bait headlines in your blog post or else you won’t be approved.

See opera’s description of Fake News below :

Fake News is news and/or information that is not factual but is presented as being factually accurate. It is also the deliberate presentation of false or misleading, claims, propaganda as news, where the claims are misleading by design. Usually, these stories are created to either influence people’s views, push a political agenda or cause confusion.

Fake News also uses tools for manipulating photos, videos and images to distort facts and for misinformation.

Click bait includes words like shocking, omg, unbelievable, surprise, amazing and wow appearing in your post title.

Also, using exaggerated word on the body of your posts will get your application disapproved. Some examples of click bait words in body of posts are :

  • won’t believe
  • shocking
  • shocked
  • surprise you
  • Twitter on fire as…
  • twitter goes wild
  • is/goes crazy on Twitter/Facebook
  • You Won’t Believe
  • Must Read
  • Unbelievable! This Cave in Nsukka Leads to the World of the Dead
  • 5 Amazing Healing Power of water you need to know
  • Wow!!! the premier league season may start soon
  • Shocking!!:A 28 year old man rapes a woman with a fake gun.

All these are against opera’s content policies and must be avoided.


The following are the benefits of adding your blog to opera news feed :

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As a blogger, submitting your website or blog to opera mini news will be a major boost of your traffic. This is dependent on how well your article is written and how captivating it is to readers. You can get thousands of traffic from opera news feeds to your blog monthly. The type of traffic from opera news is the referral traffic.


As your blog posts are appearing on opera news feed, you will get lots of engagements and people will get to know your blog more. Your blog will get popular over time because it will keep appearing to millions of people using opera news.


Opera news can help boost the revenue generation for your blog. If you are running ads like Google adsense, ezoic,, mediavine etc, you can boost your revenue with opera news. The traffic from opera news will boost your earning on these ads networks.


This is the procedure to follow in other to add your blog or website to opera news feed.

Send a mail to newsfeed-requests@opera.comThis is the official email for applying for the opera news feed service.

The subject of the email should be “application for inclusion of Your blog name on opera news feed” or “Opera news feed inclusion request from Your blog name” .

The body of the email should contain information about what your blog is all about including your blog address in full. Please endeavor to make it short and simple.

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Also attach the logo of your blog to the email you are sending to them.

Then wait for 24 hours – 72 hours to get a reply from them. The first time I was approved on one of my blogs, they replied me in 3 days. But on my other blog, they reply within 24 hours. However, they will always reply within 3 days. If your application is successful, you will be informed. Your posts will now starting appearing on opera news feed.

So this is how to add your blog to opera news feed. Have any questions or comments about this article, kindly use the comment box. 

Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best.

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