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Tools For Checking The Online Status Of All Websites Or Blogs

There are many tools for checking the online status of all websites or blogs existing on the web.

Are you looking for a tool to use to check the availability of a website online, then this article is for you.

Most times, we are faced with some caching issues on our web browsers and sites which are online appears to be offline or not loading correctly. This issue may also be as a result of dns propagation, DDOS attacks or other server restrictions.

So in this article, I will list the online tools or websites you can use to check whether a website is up(online) or down(offline).



Official Description – IsItWP’s free website uptime status checker is the best way to analyze whether your website is down for everyone or just you.

Address –


Official Description – helps you find whether the website you are trying to browse is down or not. Check if the website is down just for you or everyone around the globe. All you have to do is type the name of the website you want to check and a fresh site status test will be performed on the domain name in real time using our online website checker tool.

Address –


Official Description – Our tool monitors the status of your website and checks if it is down or not. Once you enter the URL, a status test is performed on the domain in real time.

Address –


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Official Description – Know if your site is down from locations worldwide. Uptrends’ Free Website Uptime tool tells more than forty of Uptrends’ 221 checkpoints to send a request to your website, and Uptrends checks each response. Each checkpoint looks for a successful response, tracks the timing, and generates a report based on the website’s availability and response time.

You’ll know if your site is available from each test city based on a green or red tile. Each tile tells you how long the test took, and when you hover over a tile, you can get the resolve, connect, download times, and response size.

Address –


Official Description – Sitecheckerbot will test the http status code for a specific page in real time. If the status code is 200, the website is available.

You can test website availability very easy. Enter the URL or domain you want to explore and press “Start”. Then you will get a quick report and detailed information anout status code response.

Address –


Official Description – is another great tool to check the availability of a website online. It is used to check if a website is down at the moment. To use, simply type in a website name and click on check. The status of the site will be displayed.

Address –


If after using the tools above and it shows you that the site you are trying to access is online, whereas you are getting some error when trying to access it from your end. This is what you should do in this case.

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Kindly check your data connection. If possible, try accessing the site with another internet service provider.

Also check whether your IP address is not blocked. This may be as a result of the security setup on the site you are trying to access. We know some websites are not available in some countries. In this case, if it is legal in your country, you may use a VPN service to access the website.

If after using the tools above and it shows you that the site you are trying to access is offline.

In this case, you will have to wait till the website is back online or you can message the admin or webmaster of the website to inform them of the issue you are facing while accessing their website.

If you are the owner of the website that is down. 

Oh yeah. This is normal for hosting. But at the same time, it mustn’t be frequent. Most of the web hosting provides do promise its clients 99.9% uptime but we know they do not keep to their words. If your site is having downtime issues, simply send a message or open a support ticket on your web hosting panel. Inform them about the downtime and they will reply and inform you about the expected time it is to be resolved. Maybe the downtime is as a result of hardware failure from your host, server maintenance or upgrade. Prior to a maintenance, a web host will notify their client of a server maintenance that will occur on a said date. Not all of them will inform their clients though. The downtime should be resolved soon by your web host. But if there is a frequent downtime, I strongly advise you to migrate your site to another host that is more efficient.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you find this article useful. 

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