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How To Play YouTube videos As Audio In Android And ios With Screen Light Off

It’s obvious many people don’t know how to play YouTube videos as audio in android and ios with screen light off.

In this tutorial, I will guide you on how to play YouTube Videos as audio with your mobile phone browser. This tutorial works on both Android and iOS.

You can play the YouTube Video even with your screen light off or if your mobile phone is on sleep mode.

Let’s say for example you went to YouTube to check out a new music video that just came out and at the same time, you are busy with doing some other things. You may choose to listen to the audio only because you can’t use your phone while you’re busy. So it’s just left for you to follow this guide and listen to the music video even without your screen being ON.

So let’s get started.


Open your Chrome Browser on your android phone or iOS.


Click the three dots on your browser. This will display the browser’s options.


On the browser option, tick the desktop site box.


On the address bar on your chrome, type in



YouTube will now appear in desktop view like in the screenshot below.


Click on a video that you want to play. In my screenshot below, I’m playing BOP IT by doctorflowz.



Minimize your browser and go to your phone home menu. The video will stop playing at this point. You will see a media player icon on your phone notification ? menu like in the screenshot below. Simply tap the play button on the media player.


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The audio of the video will start playing. You can tap the power button on your phone to enter the sleep mode and the video will still be playing on the background.

Note – Make sure you are not using restrict background data on Android Phone. This will stop the chrome for accessing the internet while your phone is on sleep mode.

So this is how to play YouTube videos as audio on your Mobile Phone. Thanks for reading and I hope you find this guide helpful.

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