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Fixing No Bootable Device Error On Windows Computer

One of the major error on computer is the no bootable device found error when you try to boot into your operating system. The error message is dependent on the type/model of computer or the operating system(OS) you are using.


This error usually comes with a heartbreaking sensation especially if you had stored important files and data on your computer. You will pause for some minutes and start reasoning if your files are gone, tears may even start coming out of your eyes.

In this guide, I will tutor you on how to fix bootable device issues on your computer or pc. Like I said earlier, this error message may come in different variant.

  • No bootable device.
  • No boot device found.
  • Missing operating system.
  • No operating system found.
  • An operating system was not found.

The following factors may cause the error to appear on your computer.

  • If there is a loose connection of the hard disk to the terminals. If the hard disk is not connected properly to the computer, any of the error will appear on your computer screen during boot up.
  • If there is an improper misconfiguration in your Basic Input and Output System(BIOS), the error will occur. A BIOS is a pre-installed program in a windows computer which is used by a computer during startup or boot up. So in the case of a misconfiguration in the BIOS, the no bootable device error will occur.
  • Damaged or broken hard disk will result in the no bootable device error on your computer.
  • If there is a missing boot configuration data (BCD) on your computer, the error will occur.
  • The error may also occur as a result of corrupted boot files on your computer. If your boot files is corrupt, your computer wouldn’t be able to boot correctly and you will get the error.
  • Another factor that can cause the issue of no bootable device found, is if the data cable on your computer is faulty. Faulty cables will result in such errors.
  • Improper booting modes setup on your computer may affect the computer from starting up properly and you may get the error on your computer.

To fix the no bootable device found error on your computer, simply do any of the following to fix it.

METHOD 1 – Detach your hard disk and then connect it back to your computer. Make sure it is properly attached.

METHOD 2 – Activate legacy support or legacy boot on your computer. To do this, simple access the recovery menu in your computer by doing the following.

Press your power and immediately press and hold the esc key on your keyboard. This will bring out a menu like in the screenshot below. Tap the F10 key on your computer to access the BIOS settings on your computer.

On the BIOS menu, go to system configuration using the ⬅️➡️ keys on your keyboard and click on boot option.
Click on Legacy Support and toogle the option there to enabled. 
Hit the F10 button on your keyboard to save the settings and reboot your computer. This should fix the error.

METHOD 3 – Try reactivating your windows disk partition using command prompt. Below is a brief guide on how to go about that.

Connect a bootable USB with contains windows installation files of the current windows version running on your computer.

Power ON your computer and enter the recovery menu by pressing esc button on your keyboard or press the corresponding key (for boot menu, some computers may display F11 or F10 or esc as shown in your computer.

In the boot menu on your computer, simply select the USB drive you want to boot your computer from. An installation menu will appear, select your preferred language and click next.

On the next page, click on repair your computer. Do not click the install now.

Click on troubleshoot and select the command prompt option.

A terminal for a command line will appear as a pop-up. Type the command Diskpart and click enter button on your keyboard. Then type in list volume and click enter on your keyboard. This will display the list of all volumes in your computer.

The next step is for you to select the volume where your windows is installed too. Let’s say for example, your windows was installed in volume 3, just type select volume 3 and press the enter button.

Type active in the command prompt and hit the enter button. Type assign and click enter on keyboard. Type exit and press the enter button. Retype exit again and press enter to close the command line.

The last command will bring your to a page where you can shutdown your computer. Select the turnoff your pc. Simply restart your computer and see if the no bootable device error is solved.

If after trying all these methods and it’s still not fixed, simply replace your hard disk with a new one.

These are the methods of fixing the no bootable device error on windows computer. Thanks for reading and I hope you find this article useful.

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