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How To Fix Bootloop Issues On Android Phones

In this article, I will discuss how to fix bootloop issues on Android Phones.

Maybe you’ve been wondering what to do if your phone run into a bootloop and could not enter the phone menu, then this guide is for you. I will show you the different ways to fix an android device having boot loop issues.

Before I proceed, I would like to reveal the causes of bootloop on Android Phones. Bootloop on android can be caused a number of factors. I have listed the causes of bootloop below.


Bootloops on Android Phones can be caused by the following factors :

Installing An Incompatible Application

Installing an incompatible application on your android phone may brick your android phone and cause inability of the phone to boot after a reboot. Or during the process of installing the incompatible app, it can cause the phone to reboot and then get stucked in a bootloop.

Rooting Your Phone

This can brick your android phone if the process goes wrong and can result in a bootloop during or after rooting. That’s why it is advisable to get a backup of your rom or download a custom rom for your device before rooting your phone.

Insufficient Phone Storage

If you have insufficient storage on your android phone and the storage gets eventually filled up, you may run into the bootloop issue on your android phone. This is booting a device needs space available on the phone’s internal storage.

Wrong Phone Settings

If you tweak your phone settings badly, especially settings in the Developer Option, your phone might get bricked. It is advisable to always leave your phone settings to default.

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You can use any of the following methods to fix bootloop issues on your android phones.

Reboot Your Phone – This is the first option you should try. Just reboot your device by removing your battery (for removable battery devices) and then inserting it back and powering it ON. This should fix the issue. For non-removable battery devices, hold your power ON keep for close to 10 secs+ and your phone will automatically switch off. Then reboot it to see if the bootloop is fixed.

Flashing Your Phone – The second option you have to adopt if the rebooting method is not working is to flash your android phone. You can restore your android phone manually or by using a pc.

Manually flash your android phone by using manual flashing gesture which include a combination of different keys on your android phone. Use the volume button down + power button(press and hold both at the same time), some phones may use volume up + power button, some may use volume down + power button + home key. After pressing and holding the various key combination on your phone, you will see a recovery menu, use the volume up and down button to navigate the recovery menu. Click on Clear eMMC and select yes to factory reset your android device. You can now reboot your phone when done. If this method doesn’t fix the bootloop on your android phone, kindly flash the phone using a computer .

Before flashing your android phone using pc, get your mobile phone stock rom and flash the rom using a recommended flashing software on your windows computer. I will drop a guide on how to flash android phones using different flashing tools on your computer.

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So these are the methods of fixing an android phone having a bootloop problem. Thanks for reading. 

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